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Chapter 16- Mental Health and the Law.docx

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PSYC 353
Richard Yi

Chapter 16 Mental Health and the Law Civil Commitment - Need for treatment sufficient for involuntary hospitalization before 1969 - People with supposedly deviant behavior or views different from society (socialist, communist) could be hospitalized against their will - No access to appeals or hearing processes - Now individuals must (at least one) o Have grave disability (basic needs can’t be met), be a danger to self or to others Patient’s Rights - Wyatt Standards- Right to treatment o Humane psychological and physical environment o Qualified and sufficient staff for treatment o Adequate treatment plan specifically designed for them o Minimal restriction of freedoms - Right to refuse treatment- informed consent o Patient understands what treatment is, benefits and risks, and agrees to conditions Violence and People with Mental Disorders - Mental illness don’t commit violent acts at a significantly higher rate than normal population, is only slightly higher - Higher after immediate discharge after treatment and because of substance abuse Competence to Stand Trial Requires: - Underst
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