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School of Music
MUSC 220
Kendra Salois

China Wednesday, November 6, 2013 1:03 PM Han Chinese (majorityethnic group) musical categories: - Folk song - Narrative song - Theatrical music - Song and dance music - Instrumental music Qin - seven-stringed plucked zither - Instrument of the literati and sages (said to have been played by Confucius) - Long history of notated music ○ Tablature, traditionally without rhythmic values - Traditional qin players: scholars, administration, officials, traditionally played for self-cultivation There isn't really strict meters. The tempo changes. There are times where they are steady pulses, but they don't necessary have to have the same number of beats. Jiangnan Sizhu - chinese name for these ensembles - Silk and bamboo music of the Jiangnan region - Flexible ensemble music: ○ 2-10 players ○ "soft" and "loud" ensembles ○ Various instrumental leader ○ Small notated repertoire Context: - Indoors, typically - Now: teahouse, performers are there for themselves,not necessarily performing for an audience Music: - Heterophonic texture - Everyoneplays on a skeletal melody - "Adding flowers", adds ornamentationto the skeletal melody - Structural expansion ( same melodyover more time, more ornamentation)Ex. "Huanle Ge" ("Song of Happiness") Song of Happiness: - Tempo changes - Ornamentation/"addingflowers" - Differs in different versions due to these changes Vocal genres: - Folk songs - Ballads - Opera - Religious singing (Christian hymns, ritual songs, Buddhist chant) - Film and pop songs There is a dichotomybetween professional and amateur groups. Amateur means they are not playing for money or for a concert. Similar characteristics in Chinese music: - Expansion principle - Heterophonic expression of melody - Improv based on ornamentationand repeittion Folk song Monday, November 11, 2013 1:18 PM Folk song: shan'ge - solo songs for agricultural work - Flirtation, courting, or just about the work
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