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University of Maryland
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MUSC 220
Kendra Salois

Native American Sounds & Culture Monday, September 9, 2013 1:04 PM Expectations:what we assume we know about a group Anomalies: anything that doesn't fit our expectations Unexpected: leads you to question the expectations One of the things most primarily associatedwith Native American music is drum beats and certain rhythms. Native Americans - blanket term for many indigenous peoples and nations, at least 150 tribes/communities/nations,175 languages still spoken 4.3 million people in the US claim Native American heritage They are united by history of US-Native relations since the 18th century Navajo historical context:ancestors settled in southwest 600-700years ago, traditionally moved each season, following livestock,reservationlands in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Navajo refer to themselvesas Diné. Their language is still widely spoken, traditional religion, Native American church, and Christianity all practiced. Traditional music style: wide range of songs, variety of rattles and drums Traditional Navajo religion has several rituals, each ritual has its own repertoire of songs. Some are public (may be used outside the ritual context),some are private (only heard in the ritual). Each ritual is conducted by a specialist singer Untitled Yeibichai song Accompanied by rattles throughout Vocal styles: - Multiple timbres and falsetto singing - Vocables including the call of the Yei - Melodies often start high and descend - Big leaps in pitch Steady pulse, but no meter Shizhane (I'm in Luck) Circle dance song from the enemy ceremony - A BCAB structure symmetrical - Had both vocables and lyrics - Big leaps in pitch - Melodies often start high and descend - Steady pulse but no meter Symmetricalform - 3 beats i
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