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Irish Dance and Scottish Pibroch - MUSC 220.pdf

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University of Maryland
School of Music
MUSC 220
Kendra Salois

Ireland Wednesday, October 16, 2013 1:02 PM Dance anthropology:dance and choreography as frameworksto understand culture and vice versa Dance Tune Tradition: - Indigenous melodies and airs exchanged with Scotland and England - Oral tradition (many print collectionsexist) - Repertoirebrought to North America by emigrants, many tunes mixed into the American folk tradition Instruments: - Traditional: fiddles, harps, whistles, flutes, bagpipes - Recently incorporated:guitar, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, accordion, piano, synthesizers Bodhran (drum ,not in dance because the dancers provide the percussion) Uilleann pipes (small bagpipes) Started in house parties: solo or in unison. This wasn't allowed. 1920's:Ceili bands and Irish dance orchestra developed. Revivedin the 1980s and remain popular and active today. - Style of playing gives emphasis to both solo musicians and the group Pub sessions: modern, very participatory Texture: monophonicto heterophonic,depending on the context - Competitionstyle of dance mostlymonophonicor homophonic Majorityof tunes are in binary form (AABB) Repetition and symmetry:often reflected in the dance steps. Basic tune types: jigs (single, double, slip, slides), reels, hornpipes Codification of dance (and music) because of music schools, rules, and competitions Many regional variants have faded. Promotionof Irish dance worldwide through diaspora. Standard solo dances: - Soft shoe: reels and jigs ○ Slip jigs (women) - Hard shoe: hornpipes, treble reels, and treble jigs - Sets: hardshoe solos danced to
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