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SOCY 200

______________________________________________________________ 1 THE SOCHE BUFF'S GAZETTE Professors Noh et al. 2¢ Agricultural Revolution – 8,000 B.C.E. European Conquest of the New World – 1500 Industrial Revolution - 1800 1492 The major cause of the industrialization of Europe was the accumulation of information during the agrarian era, and especially during the 500 years from 1300-1800. Another big reason was the conquest and plunder of the new world. Take another look at the "model of the causes of the industrial revolution" in chapter 9 of the text. Dominant societies are usually the most technologically sophisticated societies. The emergence of more technologically sophisticated societies has routinely led to the elimination of societies with less technology. The elimination of thousands of societies is a main reason for major changes in the world system of societies. Nowhere are these points better illustrated than in the story of the European conquest and plunder of the new world. What were the proximate causes of the European discovery and conquest of the new world? The conquest resulted from a combination of the factors: 1. Maritime technology - Ocean-going ships 2. Military technology - Ste
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