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Materialism Notes

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SOCY 200

______________________________________________________________ 1 THE SOCHE BUFF'S GAZETTE Professors Noh et al. 2¢ MATERIALISM Primary Course Questions Why is a society the way it is? What are the main features of a society and how are they interrelated? Why aren't societies always and everywhere the same? Materialist (aka Ecological Evolutionary Theory) Answer The big, broad, basic, long-term features of a society are largely the result of the material conditions of society. Thesis Beneath the apparent differences among societies, the same basic forms of social life arise from similar causes. 1. What are basic human needs? • Food • Clothing • Shelter • Providing for the next generation of workers. • No society can survive without these basic human needs. 2. What are the material conditions of society? • Mode of production. (how does people produce, what has to be produced) • Mode of reproduction. • Biophysical environment. 3. What is mode of production? • Subsistence technology (meets our basic human needs) • Economic System (helps distribute what we need in society) 4. What is subsistence technology? • Information and tools (people use to exploit the biophysical environment to satisfy basic human needs) 5. What is the economic system? • The way the society produces and distributes money into society. 6. What is mode of reproduction? • Information, tools, and practices (People employ, to control the size of and composition of the population) 7. What is biophysical environment? • Resources and constraints of the natural biological and physical environment. (Flora, fauna, terrain, climate, soil, water, etc,.) [email protected] 10/31/2013 ________________I’d Rather Be Studying__________________ Particulism – Where people think particular events define who they are. Reasoning is “particular” to that specific society. Great Men – The reason why society is the way that it is is because of them. Overwhelming influence on society. Early Lead, Who was First – Africa and the Middle East were the first ones here yet they barely have a grasp on power. Ideology – Ideas (all explain society), Beliefs, Values History (Social and Cultural Tradition) - The way society is the way society was. The past is always present. ______________________________________________________________ 8. What is social organization? • Pattern of relationships among the population that results in the way the society is organized. (Family, Military, Educational and Political system, etc.) 9. What is ideology? • Inform
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