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Gender Inequality Notes

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SOCY 200

______________________________________________________________ 1 THE SOCHE BUFF'S GAZETTE Professors Noh et al. 2¢ GENDER INEQUALITY IN PRE-INDUSTRIAL SOCIETIES Gender Inequality is the: 1. Power: Ability to control the behavior of others 2. Property: Material wealth 3. Prestige: Deference, honor, respect Main bases of power are: 1. Military (Force) 2. Economic (Property) 3. Political (Position) Woman were never more advantaged than men, but the amount of disadvantage varies Gender inequality emerges from the interrelations among three key features of the material conditions: 1. Mode of reproduction: Men inseminate, Women menstruate, gestate, lactate 2. Subsistence technology (what type of society it is) 3. Economic system (ones role in production) And between these material conditions and three key features of social organization: 1. Economic system (division of labor regarding productive work) 2. Political system: males politically dominate 2. Military system: warfare overwhelmingly male Three Principles of Gender Stratification 1. Within the family, the people who produce material goods have more power and prestige than the people who only consume 2. Women’s work must be compatible with childbearing and breastfeeding [email protected] 10/31/2013 3. People who control the distribution of
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