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SOCY 200

______________________________________________________________ 1 THE SOCHE BUFF'S GAZETTE Professors Noh et al. _ 2¢ LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION The Evolutionary Elevator 1. From foraging 2. Hoe cultivation 3. Field plowing with draft animals 4. Machine production powered by Fossil Fuel Biophysical Environment Physiologically modern humans evolved in Africa about 100,000 years ago and began to spread widely across the globe about 40,000 years ago. By A.D. 1300, when the last of the South Pacific's main islands were reached, human beings inhabited every remotely suitable place on earth. The places differed greatly in: 1. Geography 2. Climate 3. Latitude 4. Animals 5. Plants 6. Microbes These elements of the biophysical environment created the conditions that set in motion the social changes that shaped much of the destiny of human societies. The Luck of the Draw The earliest agrarian societies, what everyone calls "civilization," began in the Fertile Crescent because that place offered people a "package" of plants and animals that could be domesticated. People of the Fertile Crescent and others in Eurasia entered the modern world with more advanced subsistence technology, more advanced military technology, more advanced social technology (especially writing),and more epidemic diseases largely because of their biophysical environment I'd Rather Be Studying 1. Why aren’t societies always and everywhere the same? 2. Why do industrial societies have so much and other societies have so little? ___________________________________________________________________ [email protected] 10/31/2013 Shift to Plant Cultivation and Animal Husbandry A society's ability to secu
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