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Feminism Notes

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SOCY 200

______________________________________________________________ 1 THE SOCHE BUFF'S GAZETTE Professors Noh et al. 2¢ FEMINISM The Decline of Gender Inequality: Industrial Society 1. Change in Technology a. Machines changed ratio of brawn to brain. b. Increasingly compatible with pregnancy and breast feeding. c. Labor-saving innovations for domestic work 2. Mass Education a. Increased parental expenses b. Produced widespread literacy c. Ended myth of superior male intelligence 3. Decline in the Birth Rate a. Industrial technology is capital-intensive b. Decline in mortality c. Alternatives for retirement 4. Decline in Breast Feeding a. Decline in birth rate b. Baby bottle c. Commercial infant formula 1. First feminist movement Primary years: 1848 - 1920 Primary leaders: Education, affluent women Primary focus: Political and legal rights th Primary achievement: Suffrage, 19 Amendment I'd Rather Be Studying__________________ [email protected] 10/31/2013 ______________________________________________________________ 2 Second feminist movement Primary years: 1963 - Present Primary leaders: Educated, affluent women Primary focus: Educational and economic opportunity Primary achievement: Equal Pay Act, 1963; Civil Rights Act, 1964; Education Act (Title IX), 1973 Education (people 25 years and older) comple
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