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University of Maryland
SOCY 230
Jeffery Lucas

10/7 Justice Monday,October 7,2013 3:01 PM Plato: justice is in essence everyone performing their roles John Stuart Mill: Justice is that which leads to the greatest good for the greatest number -> these guys do not have a lot influence on social psychological treatment on justice Aristotle: There is justice when people receive rewards in proportion to what they deserve -> Aristotle does -> problem: how do you figure out what people deserve who gets to choose it Locke: Justice is a social arrangement in which people share perceptions about how rewards should be distributed // Distributive justice concerns whether the benefits and burdens people receive are fair • whether got what deserved Procedural justice concerns whether the methods used to determine distributions are fair • whether the process is just Procedural Justice-people agreed these six rules 1. consistency in procedures across persons and times 2. suppression of bias 3. accuracy of information a. people are frustrated when d are made without adequate information 4. mechanisms to correct bad decisions 5. representatives of the participants to a decision 6. ethicality o
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