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SOCY 230
Jeffery Lucas

10/14 Social Structure and Personality Monday,October 14,2013 2:02 PM SSP: Social Structure and Personality Focuses on the connections between larger societal conditions and the individual There are three main principles of this perspective: 1. Components principle 2. Proximity principle 3. Psychology principle Outcome: mental health,physical health... SSP Principle #1 SSP Principle #2 Proximity SSP Principle #2 Psychology • focuses on how individuals internalize proximal experiences • social forces include any way in which society compels individuals to act in accordance with an external norm,rule,or demand • this principle emphasizes the processes that lead people the follow the rule (or not) • e.g.if you did really bad on exam you will alter your behavior Key Factors • Social status • unequal distribution of resources • historical context • cohort effect • life course trajectory • turning points • 9/11,divorce ; don't have to negative Mediators and Moderators • Mediator: explains why a relationship exists between two variables • Mechanisms: unpacking the black box • Moderator: changes the strength of a relationship between two variables 3 self-evaluations: self-esteem,mastery,mattering • self-esteem (how we think / feel ourselves as a person) • can be viewed as a consequence of behavior: perform poorly on a test,negative self- esteem • or can be viewed as a motive or cause of behavior • self-consistency motive: desire to maintain a consistent
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