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SOCY 230
Jeffery Lucas

10/9 Legitimacy Wednesday,October 9,2013 2:38 PM Power and Authority Power (Weber): The ability to achieve desired ends despite possible resistance from others. • get whatever you want Authority (Weber): power that people view as legitimate rather than coercive Structure of authority • weber's macrosociological approach Traditional authority: power legitimized by respect for long-established cultural patterns • things are banned for so long that people think they are legitimate • when society industrialized ta does not work very well anymore • excepts: Kennedy family,Bush family • family background Rational-legal authority: power legitimized by legally enacted rules and regulations (authority based on position). • in socy class prof has authority because of the rules,rules say what professor can's authority does not come from his socy background • position rather than family background Charismatic authority: power legitimized through extraordinary personal abilities that inspire devotion and obedience. • religious leader,Jesus has charismatic authority • leading people to a new way of life • Weber very interested in this // Microsociological approach to legitimacy: a legitimate social order is one that actors believe is desirable or treat as
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