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University of Maryland
SOCY 230
Jeffery Lucas

10/7 Social Identity Monday,October 7,2013 2:04 PM Identities: internalized sets of expectations attached to our various identities • we are acting various identities at a time • "right now my prof id is more salient but doesn't mean I'm not in those" two aspects of identity • personal identity (I am talkative,I like CSI) • social identity (I am a women,I am American) • put self in a broader social group Social Identity Theory principles 1. people have a basic need to achieve,maintain,protect,or enhance "positive"self-esteem. 2. people have a strong tendency to mentally organize things and people (including themselves) into categories a. we put things in cats/interpret things according to cats in our minds b. people divide themselves in the groups and think about themselves according to where they stand 3. to the extent that we associate ourselves with groups (i.e.,categorize ourselves),we have social identities 4. we have as many social identities as groups to which we belong 5. social identities (1) describes to us who we are,(2) prescribe to us how we should behave, and (3) tell us how we should evaluate ourselves Prof.Lucas: "when I read news stories I compare myself with those in the news stories-'I'm not doing what he did I'm good'" "social id become salient are travelling abroad 'hey you are American me too!'" The theory's two major concepts: Categorization: We draw sharp lines between group membership categories and assign people (including ourselves) to relevant categories.we accentuate perceived similarities betwee
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