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APY 396
Dr.Shahriar Negahdaripour

History The one-time existence of these notes has been inferred from the writings of Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel [bio, who matriculated at theAlbertina on June 27, 1756 (first in theology, later in law). He practiced law in Königsberg, wrote novels anonymously, and was a close companion of Kant’s. Hippel reports that he attended Kant’s classes as a student during SS 1758 and WS 1758-59, and there is a strong likelihood that he possessed several sets of notes from Kant’s lectures, since materials from the anthropology, metaphysics, moral philosophy, and philosophical encyclopedia lectures occasionally made their way into his published novels, such as his 1350 page Lebensläufe in absteigender Linie nebst Beylagen A, B, C (Berlin: Voß, 1778, 1779, 1781), a three volume work in four parts (repr. Leipzig 1859). An anonymously written letter sent from Königsberg and dated December 28, 1780, appeared in the Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek (1780, vol. 44) claiming that the anonymous author (Hippel) had plagiarized Kant, and that the expressions and definitions he had used clearly came from Kant’s lectures, rather than from his published writings; that the author must therefore have attended Kant’s classes and taken notes; and that p
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