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Lecture 6

BIL 360 Lecture 6: metabolic 3

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University of Miami
BIL 360
Dubois Adrienne

❖ Equation slide ➢ Sometimes too simple to accurately describe metabolic scaling, but is a good estimate for metabolic rate and body weight ➢ B is always less than 1 and usually about .7 ➢ Body weight and metabolic rate is not isometric, but instead allometric ▪ If relationship was proportional than exponent value b would be equal to 1 ▪ To determine value of a metabolic rate will be equal to a when weight is equal to 1 • A = Intensity of metabolism for different phylogenetic groups • When weight is 1g ➢ Derivation of weight specific metabolic rate ▪ Exponent will be negative ▪ Weight specific resting metabolic rate decreases with increasing body size ➢ 4 different groups of vertebrates ▪ b values are pretty much the same but different values for a -> value of a is giving us information of the intensity ▪ differences from these 4 animals • the way they obtain heat and regulate it ❖ Implication of allometric metabolic rate and body size relationship: physiology ➢ Resting heart rate shows same relationship as weight specific BMR: small species have higher heart rates than larger ones ▪ Mammals have approximately same size heart relative to body size ➢ Same functionality as weight specific metabolic rate ➢ Some mammals require more O2/g ➢ Hearst of small mammals must beat faster to deliver O2 at a greater rate/unit of body weight ➢ Across a related group of animals the size of heart to the rest of the body is relatively the same ➢ Higher energy demands in smaller animals but heart same proportion as to bigger animals so we see the heart pumping faster (doing more work) ❖ Implications of allometric Metabolic Rate and Body size r
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