KIN 155 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Protective Factor

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KIN 155
Unit 1 Summary
Wellness includes 7 dimensions of health beyond just the absence of disease
Living with a healthy lifestyle means have recurring patterns of both healthy behaviors
and disease prevention behaviors
Regular physical activity is better for your health and for preventing diseases than
medical treatments
Chronic diseases are among the greatest health concerns of our century, even though
they are largely preventable through healthy diet and exercise
Health should be viewed as holistic, meaning it refers to the whole person and not just
their physiological state and absence of disease
The 7 dimensions of health include: physical, occupational, intellectual, emotional,
spiritual, social and environmental
All of these 7 dimensions of health exist on a continuum ranging from positive, negative
to neutral
The way we live our lives is continually changing and growing which is constantly
changing and evolving our state and level of wellness
Each of the 7 dimensions of health influences the other and will affect your overall state
of health and wellness
The medical model of health is only designed to take a person to the neutral zone,
which is a big limitation
Epidemiology is the study of factors that affect the health and illness rates of population
and serves as the basic science for public health and preventative medicine
When it comes to diseases, there are behaviors/environmental exposures that increase
your risk of disease or injury (risk factor) and those that decrease your chance of disease
or injury (protective factor)
The most influential factors to your overall health are your daily choices and activities,
not random/non-often occurrences
Contributing factors to health and wellness include: genetics/heredity, social
circumstances, environment and quality of/access to medical care
The 4 models of physical activity and health from the simplest to most complex are:
o 1. physical activity --> health
o 2. physical activity --> fitness --> health
o 3. combination of 1 and 2
o 4. health & genetics & physical activity & other factors
The 2 categories of fitness are health-related fitness and performance-related fitness
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find more resources at
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