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University of Miami
MGT 302
Cynthia Cordes

Vy Vo MGT 302 Section D Hiring a Bank Teller Case 1. Yes, Anna does have a case since even though she seems to be the most qualified candidate for the bank teller position, Dave refuses to hire her due to his lack of understanding in regards of Anna’s disabilities (multiple sclerosis). The critical variables are Anna’s disabilities, her working accommodation if she gets hired, her rights under the ADA law, Dave’s understanding of disabilities which in this case is multiple sclerosis, his responsibilities under the ADA law and the costs/benefits of hiring Anna. 2. Under the ADA law, a qualified individual with disability is someone “with disabilities who are able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation” If Anna filed a law suit, she would be responsible for proving that she was a qualified employee with disability. 3. The critical terms that applies to this situation are “Disability”, “Reasonable Accommodation”, and “Undue Hardship”. In this particular case, seeing that Anna has a disability (multiple sclerosis), Dave is concerned regarding the costs of her accommodations without any knowledge of or interest of learning what these costs are going to be. Hence, there are legal implications to his refusal to hire Anna basing only on her having a disability
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