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MGT 302
Cynthia Cordes

Vy Vo MGT 302 Section D Job Analysis at CompTech 1. Based on the information given in the case scenario, CompTech currently does not have a standardized job specifications for the store manager position; the specifications vary depending on the geographical area. Nevertheless, there seem to be a pattern of CompTech hiring store managers who have either an MBA or at least 3 years of experience working as store managers with another company. In order to validate these job specifications, historical performance data needs to be collected and analyzed to see if there is any correlation between having an MBA or a 3-year work experience and future job performance. These data should be studied to see whether a store manager with an MBA performs better than a store manager without one or a store manager who had 3 years of experience performs better than a store manager without any prior work experience. In addition, CompTech can conduct the Management Position Analysis Questionnaire to see whether the store managers agree on the validity of the job specifications. However, the Questionnaire method may generate biased results since store managers who acquired an MBA will most probably think that having an MBA is important to the job performance and vice versa. 2. Based on the given information, CompTech’s strength is that it is expanding and its weakness is the shortage in store managers which may make the expansion difficult to achieve. With an above average turnover rate for store associates, CompTech will have problems maintaining the long-term relationship with its customers which, in the long run, will create problems in the plan of expanding the organization. In order to prevent that, I would suggest, first and foremost, CompTech to establish a standardized job specification for the assistant manager, associate manager and store manager positions. The organization should conduct a strategic job analysis beforehand in order to match these job specifications with the company’s current strategic objectives. The job analysis will validate the current tasks and if applicable, add new necessary tasks to the jobs which in turn, will help CompTech achieve its strategic objectives more effectively. In addition, the data in Exhibit 4.3.1 may suggest an adverse impact against females and minorities. Hence, CompTech may also want to consider adding diversity in hiring store managers. 3. Carlyle can use the O*NET’s questionnaires to find out the workers’ characteristics and requirements in order to assess the levels of knowledge and skills of the employees and allow the Training and Development Manager to develop the training mater
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