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MGT 302
Cynthia Cordes

Vy Vo MGT302 Section D A Turnover Problem at the Fort Lauderdale Herald 1. Potentially Qualified 23.54% Interview 70.47% Qualified & Offered Job 84.76% Accepted Job 87.64% 6-month Survival 48.72% The yield ratio for potentially qualified candidates is considerably low which indicates that the Herald may be spending too much resources on attracting the wrong candidates. This is further emphasized by the low 6-month Survival yield ration despite the yield ratios from the interview to the job acceptance stages. The employees who are hired for the job may not necessarily be the most suitable for Customer Service Representative position which results in their high dissatisfaction of the job and as a result, a high turnover ratio of 51%. Hence, I would recommend Ms. Adalyn Saline to look into recruitment process and see if they are attracting the right type of applicants who fit the job. Yield Ratio by Recruitment Source Recruitment Source Potentially Qualified & Accepted 6-month Interview Qualified Offered Job Job Survival Corporate Website 8.00% 75.00% 88.89% 62.50% 60.00% Job Board 6.67% 55.00% 81.82% 66.67% 33.33% Newspaper 67.83% 82.05% 87.5% 94.64% 45.28% Walk-in 64.52% 70.00% 64.29% 77.78% 42.86% Public Employment Agency 51.35% 36.84% 100% 100% 85.71% It would be helpful to calculate the yield ratio for each recruitment source since it provides information on the effectiveness of the recruitment sources. For instance, since the survival rates of applicants recruited from the Public Employment Agency (85.71%) is the highest, the Director of Human Resources should focus more on this method as oppose to the Job Board with the lowest rates for both Qualified applicants and 6-month Survivals. In addition, Ms. Adalyn Saline may also want to look into the job description on the Corporate website because of the unusual low rate of qualified applicants from that method. She may want to provide a more accurate description of the job so the applicants become better-aware of what duties are involved as a Customer Service Representative and discourage the non-qualified applicants from applying. 2. a) Corporate Website: Advantage:  Inexpensive  Large pool of applicants  Available to everyone  Avoid potential EEOC claims/complaints Disadvantage:  High volume of non-qualified applicants  Time-consuming b) Job Board Advantage:  Inexpensive Disadvantage:  High Volume of non-qualified applicants  Low rate of 6-month Survival c) Newspaper Advantage:  Target specific geographical locations  Applicants are more knowledgeable about the culture/temperament/characteristics of the customers Disadvantage:  Expensive  Potential c
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