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Lecture 7

MGT 304 Lecture 7: First Impressions

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University of Miami
MGT 304
Linda Neider

Applications of Attribution Theory Judging others Selection Ethnic profiling Performance evaluation Dealing with superiors, subordinates, customers Leader-Set High Expectations Communicate high expectations to followers in four ways: Create a warmer emotional climate Teach more and increase challenge Invite followers to ask questions Provide feedback on performance Individually-Set High Expectations Galatea Effect: when an individual sets high expectations for himself and then performs to these expectations Expectations and Low Performance Golem Effect: expectations may also work in the opposite direction, where lower expectations lead to lower performance Bosses can kill followers motivation by having low expectations Employability: How Potential Employers Perceive You Employability: the degree to which you are perceived as employable, which may determine whether or not you are hired Employability is the ability to gain and maintain a job in a formal organization Determinants of Employability Reinforce these before leaving an interview recency effect I have what it takes to work here and I will work hard. First Impressions Perceiver uses all senses to evaluate and form judgement (first impressions count and take longer to overcome) How long does it take to make a first impression? Takes 7 seconds to make a first impression Research fro
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