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Lecture 15

MGT 304 Lecture 15: Transactional Leadership

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University of Miami
MGT 304
Linda Neider

Repairing Broken Trust Post-violation assessment o Are you innocent or guilty of committing transgression? o If guilty, is this due to situation or you? o If transgression is attributed in part to you, it is a personal shortcoming you can fix or an enduring characteristic that you seem to repeat? Full Range Leadership Development Transactional Leadership o Behaviors that motivate followers through rewards and corrective actions Transformational Leadership o Behaviors that mobilize extra effort from followers through emphasis on change through articulating a new vision for the organization o Laissez-faire Near-avoidance leadership Least active and least effective of all of the leadership styles in the full- range model o This set of behaviors is most related to positive attitudes, commitment, and performance of followers o Idealized influence Being admired and respected by followers is the core of this component Seen as change agents in the organization o Inspirational motivation Leaders inspire others to work hard toward organizational goals by providing challenge Positive and upbeat and get others to feel op
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