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NUR 306 Lecture 3

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NUR 306
Linda Parker

9/16/13 Changing views about Fat type of fat is more important than total fat excess calories cause weight gain, not fat healthy diets provide 20-35% of calories from healthy fats "hidden fat": amount/percentage of fat in meat or baked goods Facts about Fats Lipids: insoluble in water and soluble in fat, includes triglycerides, saturated/unsaturated fat Essential fattiy acids components of fats required in the diet our body cannot manufacture these types of fatty acids, must be obtained from diet linoleic and alpha linolenic acids Energy source: 9 calories/gram Carriers of fat soluble nutrients essential fatty acids fat soluble vitamins (D,E,K,A) Energy stores excess calories are converted to triglycerides 1 pound of body fat ~ 3500 excess calories cushions and protects internal organs provides insulation against cold provides energy between meals Functions of Fat increase flavor and palatability of food feel full after a meal components of cell membranes, basic component of vitamin D, and sex hormones Triglycerides 98% of fat intake, most body's fat store transported din blood attached to protein carriers used for energy and tissue maintenance Saturated fats all bonds are single bonds solid at room temperature found in animal products less heart healthy lard, butter, marbled fat in red meat, milk fat unsaturated fats monounsatured: one double bond (canola oil) polyunsaturated: two or more double bonds (sunflower oil, safflour oil) healthier Linoleic acid (essential fatty acid) omega-6 fatty acid component of all cel membranes, especially in nerves/brain required for growth, skin, reproductive system facor in regulation of blood pressure, clotting in sunflower, safflower, corn and soybean oils Alpha-linolenic acid omega-3 fatty acid all cell membranes, especially in nerves/brain has opposite effects of linoleic acid on regulation of blood pressure and clotting has been added to baby formula, know is very important in last trimester of fetal development, stored in fetus in walnuts, dark green veggies, flaxseed, canola and soybean oils EPA precursor of compounds used for blood clotting and bp regulation limits damage from inflammatory and oxi
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