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Lecture 2 for Philosophy 110 on Chapter 1

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University of Miami
PHI 110
Robin Neiman

9/3/13 Difference between an argument and a statement argument has a premise and a conclusion, statement is just a claim Definition of validity if both the premises and conclusion are true when is an argument "sound"? if its valid and the premises are actually true Deductive Argument: author intends the truth of the premises to guarantee the conclusion Premise: Everyone hates N Premise: N only hates god Conclusion: N is God Premise: Every person who responded to the survey hates N Premise: N responded to the survey Premise: N only hates God Conclusion: N is god Argument Reconstruction Premise: If the US attacks Syria, they will violate international law Premise: This would only punish the citizens and not the perpetrators Conclusion: The US should not attack Syria Inductive vs. Deductive: Most attacks in the past have harmed citizens. If it harms the citizens and not the government, then they shouldn't do it (Inductive) Chapter 1 Consistency Basic Definition of "Truth"" A statement is true if and only if the world is the way that the statement describes the world to be. Tarski's Disquotational Schema: "Snow is white" if and only if snow is white This definition allows for competing theories about what makes a statement true Killing is wrong if and only if killing is wrong Killing is wrong if and only if it violates God's law Killing is wrong if and only if it causes pain Killing is wrong if and only if killing violates the norms of rationality Proviso: only meaningful statements are true or false Colorless green statements sleep furiously Questions and commands are not true false Shut the door! Have you stopped beating your wife yet? Truth is not a matter of what we know or believe A: Its true that people are reincarnated after they die. B. That might be true for you but it's not my truth A: No seriously. I am claiming that you will be reincarnated. Don't confuse beliefs about what is true with what it takes for something to be true Ja
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