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PHI 110 Lecture 5 on Chapter 3

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PHI 110
Robin Neiman

9/17/13 Chapter 3: Conceptual Analysis & Disagreements Statement 1: Jack loves Jill Statement 2: Jack does not love Susan. Principle of Non-contradiction: All sentences are either true or false, it can't contradict itself. This argument is not contradictory Principle of Excluded Middle: The sentence cannot be true and false. Different ways to study love: Historical Theory Psychological Theory Sociological Theory Evolutionary Theory Bio-Chemical Theory Anthropology Jungian study/ Freudian Analysis Requires: Conceptual Analysis (Philosophy of Love) The study of het properties of objects and types It should also explain what things are Definition: rules that state the use of certain words. love (noun) a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person attraction that includes sexual desire: etc etc a person you love in a romantic way An appropriate definition is not necessarily an appropriate analysis "A person you love in a romantic way": circular definition. The word you are trying to define is in the definition. Circular reasoning: using the conclusion to prove the conclusion (God exists because God exists. Valid argument, but not good) What is the purpose of offering an analysis or definition?: A good conceptual analysis provides an adequate guide for picking things out object and properties. It tells us, for every object, whether or not it is a particular type of thing or exhibits a particular type of property. It is possible for an analysis to sort objects more or less correctly and not really capture what the thing in question is A university student: A person who has been issued a university student card. We can imagine that this gets the 'sorting' part right but it doesn't identify what really makes a university student a university student 1. Sorting property: The predictive power of an analysis. 2. Explanatory Property: Answers the question of why that thing is categorized in a certain way. What makes a good explanation? Van
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