POL 321 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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Lecture 6: Evaluating Policy
1. Define and Analyze the Problem
a. What is the root cause of the problem?
b. Which groups are impacted by the problem & how?
c. Set policy goals. What outcomes do you think the policy should have?
2. Consider Policy Design
a. Which policy tools to use?
b. Does the policy treat the symptoms or the root cause?
c. What are some possible positive consequences of the policy?
d. What are some possible negative consequences of the policy
3. Develop Evaluative Criteria
4. Will the policy fail & if so due to what explanation?
Policy Tools
Regulatelicensing, inspection, enforcements of standards, application of sanctions
Subsidizeloans, direct payments or benefits, tax credits, price supports
Rationlimit access to scarce resources
Tax & Spendtax an activity at a level that encourages or discourages it, spend money on
preferred program
Contract Outcontract for government services from the private sector or buy products
for government agencies
Use Market Incentivesa special category of taxation or imposition of fees that creates
incentives to change behavior & achieve goals & objectives
Privatizetransferring public services from government to the private sector
Charge Feesfees for select services
Educateprovide information to the public through formal programs or other actions
Create Public Trustsholding public property in trust for citizens indefinitely
Conduct Researchconduct or support research & development
Evaluative Criteria
Effectivenessthe likelihood of achieving policy goals & objectives or demonstrated
achievement of them
o Only concern is if it achieved its goals
Efficiencythe achievement of program goals or benefits in relationship to the costs
Equityfairness or justice in the distribution of the policy's costs, benefits, & risks across
population subgroups
o Can be subjective; 2 approaches either if it protects those at risk or if it treats all the
Liberty/Freedomthe extent to which public policy extends or restricts privacy &
individual rights & choices
Political Feasibilitythe extent to which elected officials accept & support a policy
o Do elected officials support it?
Social Acceptabilitythe extent to which the public will accept & support a policy
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