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Development Part 2

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TAL 103

Personal SocialEmotional DevelopmentPERSONALSOCIAL DEVELOPMENTBronfenbrennerEmphasizes the dynamic and reciprocal relationship between social and cultural context and the individuals personal and social relational developmentChildren behave differently in different environmentsMesosystemThe social system that surrounds the child most closely influences developmentExosystemChilds community its culture the school system surrounding mediaLess directly influencingMacrosystemLargereven less direct influences still affect developmentPolitics of childs country economic settings social settingsLandmark TextsPiagets Origins of Intelligence in ChildrenVygotsky Thought and LanguageErickson Identity Youth and CrisisKohlberg The Philosophy of Moral DevelopmentKOHLBERGPersonal and social development depend on the social relations established at various points in life3 major themes1 Emergence of self2 Search for identity3 Relationships with others through lifeEvery individual encounters certain universal crises at different stagesHow the individual resolves that conflict affects their development afterwardsPreschool yearsTrust vs Mistrust 1218 monthsTrusting parents to care properly for themAutonomy vs ShameDoubt 18 months3 yearsDeveloping independenceInitiative vs Guilt 36Continuing to work independentlymake decisions on what to doElementary years 612Industry vs InferiorityWorking hard putting forth effort in activities in all cases reward effort finding out what youre good atAdolescent yearsIdentity vs Role ConfusionKids trying out different friend groupssocial labels exploring forms of self expression examine own beliefsvaluesYoung adulthoodIntimacy vs IsolationForming emotional connections friendships relationshipsMidadulthoodGenerativity vs StagnationMaking an impact on ones community feeling like ones own work mattersLate adulthoodEgo Integrity vs DespairFeeling like ones own life has meaningmade a differencePassage between each stage requires crisis resolution positive or notPARENTING STYLESAuthoritarianlow warmth high controlAuthoritativehigh warmth high control Both styles tend to produce more successful childrenPermissivehigh warmth low controlRejectingNeglectinglow warmth low controlTeachers are required by law to report suspected child abuse to policeEconomic recession positively correlated w increase in reported cases of child abuse childhelporgpagesstatisticsBEHAVIOR of friends for 6th graders positively correlates w academic achievementAggressionInstrumental aggressionIntent to gain object or privilegeUnintentional damage to property or injury of a peerIE everyone rushing to line up out the door students get hurtHostile aggressionThreats or physical attacksRelational or social aggressionMalicious intent cyberbullying psychological damageBullies tend to have difficulty reading social cuesfacial expressions are often exposed to aggression in the home believe violence is rewardedSELFSelf conceptWhat you think about your knowledgeabilitiesSelf esteemHow you feel about your abilities good or bad sense of self worth
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