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Theatre Arts
THA 101
Darren Blaney

Michael FernandezTHA101D Dr Darren Blaney Mf4595gmailcom 11414 What is Performance Why is performance controversial Play and performance is seen in biological psychological and anthropological points of view Play predates culture because animals play Play is fun Language is a form of play because there is always improvisationPerformance in different terms Performance is that which disappears Performance cannot be saved Once it does so it becomes something other than performance11714 What is theater Antonine Artaud French actor and writer 18961948 We need to live first of all to believe In what makes us live and that something that makes us live to believe that whatever is produced from the mysterious depths of ourselves need not forever haunt us as an exclusively digest concern We can begin to form an idea of culture an idea which is first if all a protest We must believe in a sense of life renewed by the theater a sense of life in which man fearlessly makes himself master of what does not yet exist and brings it into being Furthermore when we speak the word life it must be understood we are not referring to life as we know it from the surface of fact but to that fragile fluctuating center which forms never reach Philip Auslander likeness Why are theater and mass media rivals rather than partners according to Auslander Energy of live theater Possibility for community or communication at live eventsJerzy Grotowski We consider the personal and scenic technique of the actor as the core of theater Actor training inspired by Artaud The actor makes a total gift of himself Importance of a actorspectator relationship live communion the poor theater Peter brook the empty space 1968
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