SOC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: George Herbert Mead, Role Theory, Ascribed Status

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11 Dec 2015
Soc 101 – Exam #1 – Study Guide
The exam will consist of multiple choice questions. We will go over
question styles in class so you are familiar with the wording. I will also post
these online for your convenience.
Introduction – Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
What is sociology?
Sociological Imagination (private troubles, public issues)
Theory + Theorists
Conflict Theory
Symbolic Interactionism
Marx, Weber, Durkheim
Capitalism – definition, theorist, implications.
Bourgeoisie, Proletariat
Research Methods – Chapter 2
The Research Process
Data-qualitative and quantitative
Data Collection – how do we go about collecting data for our hypothesis?
3 quantitative and 3 qualitative
Inductive and deductive reasoning
Ethics and the 3 golden rules of research
Culture – Chapter 3
What is culture? (Non-material & Material Culture)
Characteristics of Culture*
be able to list each and describe
Dominant Culture
Elements of Culture*
list and describe (Language and why it is so important) (Sapir-Whorf
Influence of Media and the effects of the media
Social Stratification – Chapter 10
What does Strata mean?
Class structures and distribution of wealth
Video on BB related to wealth distribution
Class inequalities - Understand social mobility
Layers of Social Class and who falls in those layers - the chart we did in class
Issues of Race and Gender and social class
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