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Art History
AH 101
Lousie Arizzoli

Art History Week 4 Artistic Media and Processes Drawing Fundamental artistic skill Preliminary step of composition it is a form of visual knowledge More intimate than painting show fresh ideas of artist Leonardo da Vinci Study of Adoration of the Magi c 1481 pen and ink Drawing here seems unfinished Study of perspective and how he would locate the figures in the space Perspective controls the image Relations between groups of figures are studiedCategories of Drawing Sketches that record an idea or provide information about something thee artist has seen first outlet for idea resolve design issues Plans for larger projects Fully developed and autonomous work of artimitation of masterpieces from of study it is not a mere copy it provides an interpretation of the artwork Artists copied each other to learn They traveled or copied from prints Peter Paul Rubens Battle of Anghiari copy after Leonardo
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