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Biological Science
BISC 336
Dr.Sarah Liljegren

8/26/13 Genetics The study of genes and how they are inherited -genetic variation Genetics can affect your mortality Prostate cancer is the 2 leading cause of death by cancer in men History of genetics: 1. “ex ovo Omnia”—all things from the egg William Harvey Epigenesis: substances present in the egg differentiate into an organisms 2. Preformation theory Nicholas Hartsoeker (1694) -each sperm thought to contain a mini adult Cell Theory 1830: Schleidan and Schwann -all organisms composed of basic units called cells Darwin, Wallace, and Evolution Natural selection: populations consist of more individuals that can be supported by resources -those with heritable traits that enhance survival will persist *A theory without a mechanism Gregor Mendel -pea plants 1856-1863, published 1866 determined that flower color and other traits were controlled by genes that occur as pairs Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance Walter Sutton and Theodor Boveri Early 1900s -proposed heritable features are carried on chromosomes Chromosomes Eukaryotes are normally diploid Karyotype: a set of chromosomes
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