PSY 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ice Pick, Mania, Psych

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30 Nov 2016
Lecture #2 FINAL
History of Treatment in America
o /’s: Patients wandered streets, jailed
Mental asylums (1773): mania and melancholia
Patients chose to be irrational
Poor living conditions, confinement, little activity
Sedating drugs, bloodletting, restraining devices, ECT
o Mid ’s
Moral management and custodial care
Hospitals= custodians of people who could not be cured
o Phrenology
Brain shape= personality (specific parts of your personality
was in different parts of your brain)- They said you could make
conclusions of someone’s personality and mental health based
on the shape of the brain.
o Lobotomies
Defective nerves would reform as normal nerves after being
cut Mid ’s
Dr. Walter Freeman’s lobotomobile
50,000 people
The physicians would use a needle/ ice pick, put it
inside your skull or brain and scrape it a few times
before pulling it out. After the procedure people were
really calm and people at first thought it was a cure for
hyperactive/ mental ill patients but then they found out
it was damaging their brain.
What is required for patients to change? (2 explanations)
o A patient needs to gain an understanding as to why they have this
problem. They need to understand why it came to be then they can try
to change it
o A patient doesn’t have to know why they have this problem. )n order
for patient to get better patients need to be taught how to improve
their everyday lives to improve their illness.
Two Major Groups
o Insight- oriented Therapies (psychodynamic and person-centered)
Psych problems caused by emotional forces
Gaining insight into the forces is necessary
o Action- Oriented Therapies (cognitive & behavioral)
Psychological problems are caused by maladaptive thinking
and behavior patterns
Changing behavior or thinking is necessary
Psych problems are caused by their behaviors and thoughts.
Psychodynamic Therapy
o Sigmund Frued
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find more resources at
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