PSY 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Sleep Disorder, Nonbenzodiazepine, Brainstem

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30 Nov 2016
Lecture #2/ Test #3
October 18, 2016
Jet Lag (Effects our sleep mostly but our schedules as well)- Have to cross several
time zones by plane.
o Morning light resets our circadian rhythms-24 hour rhythms your body is
used to. Sleep in particular is regulated by sunlight. Jet lag is usually the
worst when you are flying east.
o Much harder to adjust when flying east
o Tips
1. Start adjusting your sleep schedule before leaving
2. Do on the plane what you would do if you were at your destination
(sleep if night at destination)
3. If you’re traveling east, expose yourself to bright lights upon
waking; if west, use light in the evening to stay up later.
Sleep Disorders
o Night Terrors- pretty common in kids and they typically grow out of it as
they age.
Sudden episodes of screaming, sweating, confusion
NOT nightmares
Dreamer often doesn’t remember the next day
Occurs during stage 3 and 4 sleep (Nightmares in REM)
o Narcolepsy- People cant control when they fall asleep and they have no
trouble sleeping. This can come up suddenly for them.
Sudden, unexpected sleep attacks
Enter REM sleep immediately
Cataplexy- These people suddenly fall out in the floor asleep. It is
a condition characterized by sudden loss of muscle tone. This is
caused by strong emotion and associated with narcolepsy. This is
troublesome when people as driving, cooking, and operating
machinery. To cure this you give the people stimulants like
Adderall to keep them awake.
o Sleep Walking
Occurs during non- REM sleep (stages 3 and 4)- If you can walk
youre not in REM sleep because in REM sleep your muscles are
Motor cortex active while other parts of the brain are asleep also
auditory as well.
o REM Behavior Disorder- super rare and the one sleep disorder when
people move in their sleep during REM. Their brain stems don’t work and
function properly when they sleep. These people act out their dreams
when they are dreaming.
Very rare; sleepers act out their dreams
Brain stem structures don’t function properly
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