PSY 201 Lecture 6: Psychology 201 December 1, 2016 Lecture

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1 Dec 2016
Psychology 201/December 1, 2016
Giving in to Others: Obedience
o Obedience: changing your behavior b/c someone told you too.
o I was just following orders
Nuremberg trials, Abu Ghraib: Back in WW2 nazi’s are
interviewed and asked why they sent so many jews to the gas
chamber. Most of them said they did it because they were told
Milgram’s shock study
65% of people will shock someone to a lethal level
when told to do so by authority figure
Giving into Others: Conformity
o Conformity: Changing your beliefs or behavior in order to follow
group norms.
o We are most likely to conform when:
All other group members are unanimous
There are several people in the group
Giving into Others: Compliance
o Compliance: Changing your behavior b/c someone asks you to.
Diffusion of Responsibility
o We are less likely to help someone when other people are around
This is because….
We feel less responsibility (bystander apathy)
Murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964, accidents
o Study on seminary students and good Samaritan
o Kitty- A female that was walking and was
attacked. Dozens of people saw and didn’t call
the cops. The attacker left and then came back
and stabbed her multiple times. By the time
someone called it was too late. Everybody
assumed someone else called when they really
o We will engage in uncharacteristic behaviors (way not typical of us)
when we are stripped of our usual identities (assigned new role)
EX: Online video games- you take an identity of a character and
do things you will never do in the real world. You’re given a
new role and you’re expected to follow what they want you to
EX: Zimbardo prision experiment- Zimbardo created a study
where he reenacted a prison. Half of the subjects became
guards and some became prisoners. After time the guards
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