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Lecture 1

PSY 201 Lecture 1: pt2

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University of Mississippi
PSY 201
Mary Jourdan

o Dualism mind and body are separate Wilhelm Wundt father of psychology originally a psychologist and studied reaction time then studied mental reaction time used Introspection Introspection a systematic examination of subject mental experiences that requires people to inspect and report on the content of their thoughts Edward Titchener Wundts student founder of Structuralism Structuralism an approach to psychology based on the idea that conscious experience can be broke down into basic underlying components William James began including animals in psychology helped establish psychology as a discipline Functionalism approach to psychology concerned with adaptive purposed, or function, of mind and behavior Charles Darwin theory of evolution Theory of Evolution a theory that viewed the history of species in terms of the inherited, adaptive value of physical characteristics of mental activity and behavior Adaptation the physical characteristics, skills, or abilities that increase the chance or reproduction or survival and more likely to be passed down to future generations
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