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Lecture 4

ATMO 170A1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Dew Point, Wind Direction

Atmospheric Sciences
Course Code
ATMO 170A1

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Lecture #4 1.24.17
Easterly wind means wind comes from?
A. East
B. West
Surface station model: What is the surface pressure reported?
A. 1080 mb
B. 976 mb
C. 1012.9 mb
Study Keywords:
Atmospheric composition
Atmospheric vertical structure
Mass, weight, density
Newton's second law of motion
Temperature, unit conversion
Weather station model
Dew point temperature
When moist air cools to its dew point temperature, relative humidity
reaches 100% ---> clouds!
Water vapor condenses to form liquid water, the amount of water vapor in
the air
What is weather?
The atmosphere condition for a given location and time
Weather elements:
1.) Temperature
2.) Pressure
3.) Humidity
4.) Wind
5.) Visibility
6.) Clouds
7.) Significant weather
Wind direction
Compass direction from which wind is blowing
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