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Lecture Main PointsMonday 98141Insolationintercepted solar radiation Insolation reflected back to space by clouds or volcanic ash cannot contribute to surface temperature This explains the year of no summer 1991 when Mt Pinatubo erupted and filled the stratosphere with volcanic dust that cut surface insolation worldwide reflecting it back into space and causing Earth to cool temporarily 2Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere CO2 is a greenhouse gas that absorbs some of this outbound long wave radiation and reradiates it to the surface warming the Earth3Atmospheric CO2 is vital to keeping Earth habitablebut too much CO2 is producing too much global warming Sowe can have too much of a good thing4With some exceptions we can see a general latitudinal trend in surface insolation Higher latitudes tend to have less insolation per unit area than regions near the Equator because Earth is a sphere5The atmosphere scatters the short blue wavelengths making the sky look blue If you were standing ton the Moon why would the sky look black Because the Moon has no atmosphere to scatter the blue light6Sunsets look red to us because the shorter nonred wavelengths are scattered out of the beam before they reach our eyes Du
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