POL 150C1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Consumerism

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POL 150: Politics of Happiness - Lecture 1: Worldviews
Wednesday 9/3/14
Jared Perkins Lecture
Cultural Worldviews:
Shifts between pre-modern, modern & post modern
World Views = philosophical
What do we mean by “worldview?”
What are “cultural values?”
What do we mean by “pre-modern,” “modern,” and “post-modern?"
Worldview: The comprehensive point of view or lens through which an individual or
society develops its understanding of the world. A worldview is shaped by values and
beliefs, and used to influence the development of areas like religion, war, government
and politics.
Why study world views? Explores:
How we receive or ‘take in’ info
How we process info
How we assign truth values
The study of world views seeks to explore the values that influence an indidividual’s, a
culture’s or a society’s attempt to organize knowledge, or understanding of the world.
An attempt to have a more comprehensive ‘larger picture’ view of what values influence
the development of political, economic, religious & philosophical thought processes.
Pre-modern ———> Modern ————> Post modern ———>
1500’s 1900’s
Enlightenment (one of the biggest shifts in global thinking) & Printing Press change each
Printing press created an author & copyright
Knowledge or understanding is communal
passed down through myths
“chosen” elders/leaders, room for mystery and wrestling
Knowledge or understanding becomes influenced by the scientific process
The role & responsibility of the individual gains importance as the individual has
personal access to “truths” which are seen more as empirical, objective,
evidence based, testable, right or wrong.
Post Modern:
knowledge or understanding returns to a more communal sense as the
individual’s experience is considered “biased.”
Combines the reliance on the individual mind with the communal/global
experience when attempting to gain understanding.
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