POL 150C1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Vladimir Putin, Maoism

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POL 150- Politics of Happiness - Lecture 14: Russia
Scandanavian Political Values
Watch YouTube Oppressed Majority
Wednesday 10/29/14
Major Contentions
Contemporary Russia is not the U.S.S.R.
Russia is on the way back & is again a major global power
Most Russians are happy with the direction of their country’s development
Vladimir Putin is now in the pantheon of Russia’s (six) greatest leaders
A realisitc prism for evaluating Russian development is via
(a) state consolidation and institution building rather than
(b) democracy building
Our Coverage of Russia
Advancing Russia & the growing middle class
The “Russian Soul” and “Russian civilization.”
Vladimir Putin & an assertive Russia
Russians’ level of approval of the job President Vladimir Putin is doing
keeps rising
Russia is not what it used to be (U.S.S.R.), is is more progressive with an
excessive nightlife
Do we need to qualify every discussion of contemporary Russia with references to
Stalinism and mass killings?
Do we need to qualify every discussion of the contemporary U.S. with references to
slavery, genocide of native peoples, etc.?
Who has a monopoly on “evil”?
Russia - Stalinism
North America - genocide of Native Americans slavery & indenturing of Chinese
Asia - Maoism - Middle Kingdom, Persian Empire
Europe - Nazi wars of conquest & Holocaust
Africa - ethnic rivalries and wars
Latin America - genocide of Native peoples
Australia - brutalization of aborigines
What did service in the KGB in the 1980’s-90’s mean (from a Russian perspective?)
Those seeking upward mobility
Career professionalism
Access to travel & information
Prestige & “middle class” comfort
Commitment to the strong state
“Squeaky clean” reputation
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