PSY 150A1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Rorschach Test, Humanistic Psychology, Self-Actualization

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Psych 150: Structure of Mind and Behavior - Lecture 3: Personality Day 3
Everyday terms originated by Jung include which of the following? — D. Persona
● Humanistic
Optimistic approach to psychology—humanists want to focus on the “bright side”
E.g., spirituality, creativity & tolerance (your unique experience)
Rogers Person - Centered Theory
most innate tendency of humans is a drive towards becoming a fully
functioning person
Actualizing tendency, urge to expand, extend develop & mature
Why are there problems? — fully functioning people need to develop positive
ideas about yourself (positive self-concept)
2 types of personalities:
positive self-concept = fully functioning person
negative self-concept = maladjusted person
People sometimes attempt to impose conditions of worth on others
Humanistic psychology places much of the importance on self-concept
Incongruence — self-concept is not connected to real-self (flaws, actual
tendencies), also further removed is ideal self (what people tell us, who we might
want to be)
Congruence — open, authentic, communication in the way you present yourself
to the world matches what you think and feel at a deeper level
Moving towards congruence — identify reasonable goals, keep real self, ideal
self & self-concept close together
Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)
Self actualization — experiencing fully, vividly, selflessly, with full
concentration, and total absorption: moment of experiencing, the person
is wholly and fully human
Hierarchy of needs: (pyramid)
Need for self actualization (top)
Esteem Needs
Love, affection, and belongingness needs
Safety needs
Survival needs (bottom)
2 key themes:
people display consistency in their actions, thoughts and feelings
people differ from each other in many ways
How many traits are there? Trait theorists:
Allport (1930s) — infinite many traits
Cattell (1960s) — 16 traits
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