PSYC 150A- Structure of Mind and Behavior - Lecture 2: Personality Day 2

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Psych 150: Structure of Mind and Behavior - Lecture 2: Personality Day 2
Thursday 9/4/14
Stages of: Psychosexual Development
Oral: birth to 18 months
Babies put everything in their mouths, etc
Anal: 18 to 36 months
sexual gratification is received by going to the bathroom—potty training.
Freud believed that successful this lead to creativity/productivity later in
If not approached correctly, child can be traumatized/bad traits can
develop, aka stingy, stubborn, obstinate, messy, etc.
Phallic: 3 to 6 years
Moves from anal to genital areas
Oedipal Complex (boys) — strong sexual attraction to their mom/angry
with father; rival with attention. If successfully resolved, then child is fully
Castration Anxiety (boys) — Fears father’s retaliation; castration.
Electra Complex (girls) — Girls blame mother for their lack of penis; angry
Penis Envy (girls) — Girls want father’s genitals, angry with mother.
Latency: 6 to puberty
Sexual energy is less predominant, kids turn to other interests, school,
friends, etc. until puberty.
Genital: puberty on
Freud believed not everyone made it to this last stage since some were
fixated in certain stages.
Sexual energy stays in genitals, pleasure is geared toward others/mutual
exchange of sexual experiences/altruistic. Caring for the other person as
well as wanting to gain from the relationship, etc.
Key Assumptions
Motives (especially unconscious motives) ——> Behavior
Interplay of inner conflicts & resolution ——> Personality
Personality set by adolescence
The Neo-Freudians
Jung; Adler; Horney (female); Erickson are the main ‘founders.’ Each came up
with their own ideas regarding personalities.
Carl Jung (1875-1961) “Freud’s Crown Prince"
Components of personality:
Conscious Ego
Personal Unconscious (combo of unconscious & pre-conscious)
'Freud’s missing piece:' The Collective Unconscious.
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