PSY 150A1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Freudian Slip, Therapeutic Relationship, Testability

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Psych 150: Structure of Mind and Behavior - Lecture 6: Therapies Day 2
Psychoanalytic Therapies
Exposing the unconscious
o Free association
o Resistance
o Dream analysis
o Freudian Slips (When you say something you are thinking instead of what you meant
to say)
o Transference
● Criticisms
o Minimizes patient responsibility
o Neglects conscious motives and the present
o Fairly costly
o Testability
Humanistic Therapies
Client-centered therapy
o How can you lead someone back to themselves? By giving them something people
are often sorely lacking, an atmosphere in which they have the freedom to be who they are.
o The therapeutic relationship itself is the most potent force we have for healing
o Non-directive therapy, no judging, all about the relationship.
o 3 things necessary for formation of a healing therapeutic relationship (& loving
relationship) are:
§ Genuineness
§ Acceptance
§ Empathy
Therapeutic Approach:
o Non-directive, client-centered, and person-centered are the terms Rogers used at
different points in his career, for his method. This method involves removing obstacles so
the client can move forward freeing them to their own normal growth and development.
Being non-directive lets the client deal with what they consider important at their own
Six conditions necessary for therapeutic change:
1. Two persons are in psychological contact
2. First person, the client, is in a state of incongruence
3.Second person, or therapist, is congruent
4. Therapist experiences unconditional positive regard for the client
5. The therapist experiences an empathic understanding of the client’s internal frame of
reference and communicates this experience to the client
6. The communication to the client of the therapist’s empathic understanding and
unconditional positive regard must be minimally achieved.
Gestalt therapy
o Founded by Fritz Perls
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