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Lecture 20

CPH 200 Lecture 20: Chapter 5

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Public Health
CPH 200

Chapter 5 Chapter Overview: 1. Public health functions and practice before 1988 a. History of public health responsibilities in US 2. Public health functions and practice after 1988 a. Current and Future public health responsibilities in US 3. Community health assessment and improvement tools a. MAPP, CHIP, PACE, etc. 4. Strategic planning, standards, and accreditation a. SWOT analysis, etc. Public Health Past 1900-1920s 5. Evolution of Public Health practice: Pre-1950 a. Before 1914: Mainly prevention and control of infectious disease b. Afer 1914: Began to catalogue actual services of health agencies i. Unsafe working conditions c. 1921: APHA (American Public Health Association- still around) i. called for systematic collection of infor on LHDS ii. LHDs= local health departments 1. Operate at small, local levels; mostly deal with geographic community health 1920s-1930s 1. 1920s-1930s: APHA committee made assessment form from LHDS to measure public health services, including: a. Birth and death records b. Vaccinations by age group c. School-aged children health issues and treatments d. Tb cases hospitalized and treated e. Lab tests 2. Those assessment made the public aware of the quality of their local health departments KNOW THE EMERSON REPORT 1940s 1. Assessment was enhanced to cover more specific and expanded LHD functions 2. The Emerson Report (1945): postwar plan for US public health a. Recommended LHDs Serve minimum of 50,000 people so they could consolidate b. 6 basic services i. Vital statistics ii. Sanitation iii. Communicable disease control iv. Maternal & child health v. Health Education vi. Lab services KNOW AGPALL
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