RCSC 150B2 Lecture 10: Budgeting

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Retailing & Consumer Science
RCSC 150B2

find more resources at oneclass.com Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Title Subject PV = FV/(1 + i/m)^mt PV = present value FV = 10,000 i = intrest rate m = 12 t = 2 10,000/ (1 + .06/12) 2x12 1st year - scare the hell out of you - want you 100% in classroom 2nd year -teach you 3rd year - bore you BAR- 3 day exam envelope is really skinny you passed really fat you failed 2,2050 hours per year - 2 week vacay 80-100 hours per week - you have no life Pay yourself first - Treat payments into savings and investment accounts as if they were bills that you would never skip Make saving easy - saving and investments can be automatically transferred out of your paycheck or checking account Break down savings goals into monthly, weekly and daily amounts - saving seems less daunting - to save $1,000 a year you only have to save $2.74/day ▯1 find more resources at oneclass.com find more resources
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