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Lecture 4

ANTH 1013 Lecture 4: Mendelian inheritance

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ANTH 1013

Lecture 4 Mendelian Inheritance Selection and Heritable Variation Key of natural selection notion that variation among individuals is inherited How are traits passed from parents to offspring? Artificial and natural selection remove heritable variation from populations If all variation is removed the process stops Heredity Darwinwrong Early models (wrong): Antony Leeuwenhoek (discovered sperm): Homunculus theory: homunculus (little human) in sperm or ovum Pangenesis: each body part has different particle, mom dad particles blend together (resembles both parents) Blending inheritance: an average of each parents inheritance (eventually no variation) Inheritance of acquired characteristics (Lamarck): vital essences sense need through use, change form and pass to offspring soft inheritance: hereditary matter affected by environment Mendelian Inheritance Particulate Inheritance Mendel: trained in Botony, Augustanian monk worked in the church garden, knows exactly what the pea looks like, uses it as a good model for inheritance Garden pea model: Self fertilizing (controlled breeding) Bred true Variants are easy to observe Mendels Law of Segregation Particles (genes) dont blend Both parents contribute hereditary material equally Traits are represented in pairs (1 per parent) Genes have different forms (alleles) Each allele copy segregates to different sex cell Alleles: variant forms of genes Genotype: alleles present (genes) Phenotype: manifestation of alleles (physical, observable trait) same phenotype can have multiple genotypes
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