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Lecture 20

ANTH 1013 Lecture 20: early hominins cont.

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ANTH 1013

Lecture 20 Lecture 20 The human and chimp lineages split 68 mya What influenced Hominin origins? Forested (closed) seasonal woodland (more open) MUST KNOW: Where are hominins found in Africa? The Rift Vally The Afar TriangleEthiopia Lake TurkanaKenya Tanzania Chad, Central Africa South Africa Sahelanthropus tchadensis Sahel (Sahara), anthropus (human)tchad (Chad), ensis (originating from) Initial discovery: 2004 Discoverer: Michel Brunet Important localities: Toros Menalla Distribution (so far): Chad Nickname: Toumai Temporal range: 7 mya Apelike: Cranial capacity: 360cc Thin enamel on postcanine teeth Thick suborbital torus Homininlike: Forwardly placed Foramen Magnum (maybe) Small caninenot honed Reconstruction based on CT scan: relative to bicarotid line, Foramen Magnum is in an overlap between chimpshumans (human like according to CT reconstruction) Features shared with younger hominins: Anteriorlyplaced foramen magnum (maybe) Small, apically worn canines (no honing evidence) Why not a slam dunk? No postcrania to confirm bipedalism FM not forwardly placed for sure Steep occipital plane rare in other hominins Very warped cranium (hard to take measurements) Conclusion: may be the oldest evidence for hominins Orrorin tugenensis st Orrorin (1 human in Tugen language)tugen (Tugen Hills, Kenya), ensis (originating from) Initial discovery: 2000
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