HESC 2603 Lecture 4: Stratification

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Human Environmental Sciences
HESC 2603
Zola Moon

Major Theories of Stratification Marxian or Conflict: differential power based on capital accumulation or material relationship Weberian: prestigepower determine status, accumulation of cultural as well as financial capital, hierarchy of status groups Bourdieu and Social Domination: combination of these 2, cumulative (dis)advantage Stratification: relationship to production, status Stratification in Rural America Independent Entrepreneurs Managers and Professionals Working Class The Poor Think of these while reading Thurow Hidden Rules of Social Life Hidden rules: unspoken cues and habits of a group not secret; just hidden many have high impact on achievement in schools and success in the workplace we assume that the rules we know are a given to everyone Possessions: poverty: people middleclass: things wealthy: oneofakind objects Generational poverty: entertainment and relationships relate to one another through oneonone entertainment instead of vacations live more in the here and now difficult to plan long term Middle Class: decisions made relate to work and achievement Wealthy: financial, social and political connections Hidden rules govern much of our immediate assessment of an individual and hisher capabilities These judgments are part of what keep people from moving up we can block out others that arent under the same rules as us Socialization The process by which people acquire cultural competency and through which society perpetuates the fundamental nature of existing social structures the order of our society is based on how and what we learn Nature vs Nurture Social self: the values, beliefs, ideas and decision making strategies, and the general way people live their lives Nature: biology and genetics Nurture: environment The social self comes from a mix of the 2 (nature and nurture) Jim Twins
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