HESC 2603 Lecture 13: Deviance and social control, part 2, Hochschild book and review

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Human Environmental Sciences
HESC 2603
Zola Moon

10 April, 2017 Lecture (EXAM 3) EXAM 2 (35 multiple choice questions and 3 essay questions sent in email) big blue scantron Wednesday (412) Duncan book only Symbolic Interactionist Theories of Deviance Stigma: Negative social label that changes a persons behavior, selfconcept, and social identity opportunities may be limited among a stigmatized group may result in retrospective labeling, distortion of past (we should have seen it coming) StigmaGoffman identified 3 kinds Broken Window Theory (Zimbardo) Social context and cues impact behavior Sutherland: Differential Association Theory Deviance is learned behavior learning takes place in peer groups of deviant peers is predictive of deviant behavior strongly supported for adolescents and teens ideas that prohibit crime and ideas that justify crime = differential associations deviant behavior attacks social order super deviant in todays society: terrorist Behavior Theories: Rational Choice individuals are rational actors decision to commit to deviant act is based on calculation of risksbenefits decision depends on: perceived benefits of act (pleasures, money, group acceptance) swiftness, severity, and certainty of punishment close to differential opportunity theory problem: we arent really relational Conflict Theory: Deviance and Power Capitalist system depends on profit, productive labor, respect for authority Deviance defined by those in power People are labeled deviant if they: threaten or take private property dont work for pay resist authority dont fit in Social welfare, justice, and medical systems are primary agents of control Unequal justice: poor, minorities are more likely to be formally labeled and punished Crime Categories Street crime: refers to crime committed in public and is often associated with violence, gangs, and poverty
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