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Lecture 7

PHIL 2003C Lecture 7: lecture 7 -the argument for God's existence/Descartes vs Moore

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PHIL 2003C
Warren Herold

September 14, 2016 Lecture 7 The Argument for Gods Existence Descarte: P1: I have an idea of an eternal, infinite, omniscient, omnipotent God. P2: Each of my ideas must be caused by something which has at least as much formal reality as the idea itself has presentational reality. P3: The only thing that has as much formal reality as the idea of God has presentational reality is God. How does he know this is true? the light of nature reveals the truth; it is obviously true Descarte believes we clearly and distinctly perceive the truth of premise 2 presupposes if God exists that our clear and distinct perceptions are reliable Presupposes the conclusion in premise 2 needs assumption to even make an argument begging the question doesnt necessarily mean it is false though The Cartesian Circle: Our clear distinct God exists perception and is not a s are deceiver reliable You cant think an objection to an argument succeeds AND the argument itself succeeds (you cant contradict yourself) REVIEW 1. I may not know anything. (evil demon) 2. Well, thats not entirely true. I know that I exist. 3. If I know anything else, I must learn it by use of pure reason. (clear distinct perceptions) 4. But how I do know the evil demon isnt feeding me false clear distinct perceptions? 5. Because I know that God exists and isnt a deceiver. 6. Unfortunately, there are problems. (Cartesian circle) MOORE The Moorean Shift Likes premise 2 in dream argument
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