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Lecture 9

PHIL 2003C Lecture 9: lecture 9 -Nozick and truth tracking

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PHIL 2003C
Warren Herold

Melanie Rosowski September 21, 2016 Lecture 9 Consider a thermometer: In a strict sense: thermometer doesnt know what temp. it is In a metaphorical sense: yes, it does know what temp. it is Consider professor Herolds dog, Gracie: Whatever Herold does, Gracie looks at him with a face that says she knows something is happening or is about to happen Gracie cant justify her beliefs since shes a dog JTB The Justified True Belief Analysis of knowledge S knows that P if and only if: 1. P is true 2. S believes that P 3. S is justified in believing that P Problems: 1. Epistemic regress leads to skepticism 2. We can be justified in believing something thats true, but still not know it Tracking the Truth Thermometer tracks the truth of the temperature Know something if and only if I have the ability to track when it is true or false Nozicks truthtracking analysis of knowledge S knows that P if and only if: 1. P is true 2. S believes that P 3. If P werent true, S wouldnt believe that P 4. If P were true, S would believe that P 3 4 track the truth If Nozick is right, then knowledge is not closed under known logical implication principle of epistemic closure is false skeptical arguments are unsound Condition 3 of Nozicks argument Example) P: Im here teaching this class Q: Im not a brain in a vat being stimulated to believe Im here teaching this class Claim: I know Im here, teaching this class If I werent here teaching this class, then I wouldnt believe I was here I would still be stimulated to believe I was here if I was a brain in a vat
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