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Lecture 12

COMM 2081 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Simile

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COMM 2081
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Chapter 12 Notes
Speaking skills can…
- Can lead to career success
- May increase opportunities for promotion
- Are useful at every career stage
- Are the most desired soft skill sought in job applicants
Types of Business Presentations
Briefings: Concise summary of an issue, proposal, or problem
Reports: Informational or persuasive
Podcasts: Prerecorded audio or video clip delivered online
Virtual Presentations: Online meeting presentations with remote colleagues
Webinars: Web-based presentation for lectures, workshops, or seminars
Knowing Your Purpose
- What do you want to accomplish?
- What do you want your listeners to remember or do?
Knowing Your Audience
- Anticipate audience reaction
- How to relate to their needs
- What techniques will work
- Ho to esure they’ll reeber
Four Audience Types
- Friendly
- Neutral
- Uninterested
- Hostile
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Organization and Repetition
1.) Tell them what you are going to tell them
2.) Tell them
3.) Tell them what you have told them
The Introduction
- Capture listeers’ attetio ad get the ioled
- Identify yourself and build your credibility
- Provide listener relevance
- Preview your main points
How to Build Credibility
- Describe your position, knowledge, or education experience
- Dress professionally
- Maintain eye contact
- Connect with your audience
Structuring the Presentation
The Body
- Focus on a limited number of main points
- Develop each point with adequate explanation and details
- Use a clear organizational strategy, for example, chronological order
or importance
The Conclusion
- “uarize the presetatio’s ai thees
- Leave audience with a specific, noteworthy take-away
- Include a statement or closing thought that indicates you are finished
Building Audience Rapport
Effective Imagery (analogy, simile, metaphor, personal anecdote,
personalized statistics)
Verbal Signposts (previewing, summarizing, switching directions)
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